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Livre - Vinyle laque perfore ideas book - objects and accessories -his & hers - Librairie Créative

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Informations supplémentaires :

Here is a new material with a glossy finish that really catches the eye.
It’s ideal for creating modern, practical and useful 'Made for Her & Him' objects and accessories.
With regular and visible perforations, it’s easy to cut, sew or embroider,
making it incredibly versatile to work with.
The colour range is bright, solid and chic.
It sparks the imagination and allows you to make your own choices,
so you can mix-and-match and personalise our designs to your liking.
Made for Her & Him” is our first collection with Le Vinyle Laqué Perforé®
but it won't surely be the last, there is so much to do with it!

Elegant envelops
Travel tags
Tablet sleeves
Card holder
Scissor sheath
Phone sleeve
MP3 player sleeve
Headphone cord wrap
Pen holder
Cheque book holder
Eyewear case
Business card holder
Pen sleeve

36 pages en anglais

Thèmes : Livres de couture

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